Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should we choose Torah Academy of Buffalo Grove?

All parents want to give their children the best education possible, and TABG is the place where that can happen. Teachers give individualized attention to each child, enabling him/her to thrive in every way. The learning is hands-on and sensory, and there is a high teacher-student ratio. Also, having a solid dual-curriculum prepares your child for a successful future, while giving your child an appreciation and understanding of his/her Jewish heritage.

Torah Academy is where children learn to love learning!

Does my child need to know Hebrew in order to attend TABG?

No, that is not a prerequisite. All children are welcome, regardless of their Hebrew skills. As the children get older, they will be learning how to read/write/speak Hebrew, and the teachers will suggest tutoring, if needed.

I am not religious. Can my child still attend TABG?

Absolutely! Whether your goal is to send your child to a smaller school where s/he will benefit from a high teacher-student ratio, or whether your goal is to allow your child to develop a sense of pride for their Jewish heritage, we welcome anyone who will benefit from coming to Torah Academy.

What does tuition cost? Are scholarships available?

For tuition costs, please see our Admissions page.

Yes, scholarships and financial aid are available if you meet the requirements. Please visit the Financial Aid page for more details.

What are the hours of the school day?

For the elementary and middle school divisions, arrival time is from 8:15 am – 8:30 am, and dismissal is at 3:45 pm.

The preschool division begins at 8:30, and you can choose either 12:00 noon or 3:45 pm dismissal.

What are some ways for parents to be involved?

TABG maintains an open-communication policy, which encourages parents to be involved. Parents can volunteer to help out around the school, drive for field trips, or provide assistance for administrative tasks. In the younger grades, parents can contact the teachers to ask about reading stories to the children by lunchtime.

Additionally, Torah Academy is a division of the Suburban Alliance for Jewish Education (SAJE), which is an organization with frequent events and programs set up around the Chicagoland area. The best way to be involved with your child’s education is to become familiar with what your child is learning! Everyone is welcome, and there are many opportunities to get involved with SAJE. Please visit the SAJE website for details about upcoming events and ongoing programs.

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